Meatless Monday…sorta..Turkey!

So, the biggest challenge for me when considering eating a Kosher/Clean diet was giving up dairy and beef. I only liked cheese on big beefy burgers, beefy tacos, butter on juicy steaks, creamy sauces like Béarnaise on my filet, and everything else mixed/blended/sautéed in butter as well served with it.

Needing to satisfy this dairy driven fascination, I had to create a menu I could enjoy with all the dairy I wanted with “meat” options not from mammals. (Many faithful kosher diet followers eat dairy with mammals, this is simply a personal choice)

Therefore, turkey has been my new “go to” for many meals.

Here I have turkey breasts I have sliced and covered in an egg wash, then after it’s breaded you can see it I quickly being “fried” in hot oil to give it a great crispy crust before going into the oven.



One of my favorite pastas I get from Costco.


I boiled it al dente, tossed in butter and heavy cream then topped with my thick and hearty sauce. (I’ll post the recipe in the morning blog)

Served it up with some baby squash medley again from my local Costco and dinner is served.


Then, you know I must have our daily bread…

Of course something pumpkin! Simple pumpkin cookies, some glazed and some dusted with powdered sugar.



Happy Monday my friends!


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