Grilled Matzo Panini

More Ideas to use up our Costco Bundle of Matzo. I softened, then fused layers of Matzo to created more of a bread like texture, then grilled it to create a panini with strips of our left over Seder rib-eye roast, spinach and a dairy free tarragon cream sauce. It was so tasty. Let me know if you try it, or something similar…


Vegetarian Black Bean Nachos

A healthier twist to one of my all time favorite “junk” foods.

If you are looking for a good cheese, natural cheese, vegetarian cheese (yes, bone/tissue is often found in cheese, making most cheese not truly qualify to be called vegetarian). Here is a truly Kosher cheese. As finicky as I am about animal products, I feel good serving this. It can be easily ordered through most Fry’s, Kroger and Costco locations, so tell the manager that you WANT to purchase it weekly.

I’m using the Mexican Blend with these nachos. YUM!