My Dirty Little Secret…

I enjoy my Seventh Day, Shabbat Rest like no other. For a compulsive cleaner, I swear even my neurosis fades on such a glorious day! As a Gentile, I don’t keep the Sabbath as an Orthodox Jewish woman, not even close, BUT I do celebrate, rest, read, rejoice and enjoy every minute of it. So can YOU!

Advertisement Interview

Okay, so Peter (the Dad) does most of the Chatting here (you girls get plenty of me in the other videos!) Another great opportunity to see my son Pete in interview action. I am so proud of him. Remember, he was rather impaired early in his development, non-verbal until 4 years old.  His honesty about his beliefs is heart warming. Autism causes Pete to be very analytical, so as he searches for his answers, he doesn’t base them on warm, fuzzy feelings like many of us experience. He is looking for the concrete, tangible signs. (which I’m certain he will discover!) Of course, Brianna…My Daughter, My Soul Sister!