Sunday, My Fun-Day!


There are only a few things that make me as happy as baking in my kitchen, being a mom and being in the “Word” are the only things to beat it in my opinion. Seeing the faces of my client purposely communicating with their parents is pretty dad-gum awesome as well.  I guess, my life is pretty charmed.


Stared my day making Sugar Free Pecan Rolls.  I was very pleased.

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_072457 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_072743 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_072930 (2) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073029 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073233 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073300 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073325 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073407 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_073752 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_083221 (3) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_085330

Then I made a fantastic Sweet Onion & Basil Bread. Making bread, well, it just makes me happy!

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_094310

And if I’m already making bread dough, why not a French loaf too?

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_150247 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_155059 (2)

And if I’m already in the kitchen, how about doing something with those apples?

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_131949 (2) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_133013 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_133149 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_133404 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140040 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140108 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140214 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140346 (2) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140420 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140556 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_140912 (2) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_152822 (2)


So, by this time, dinner sounds good…

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_151725 MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_160159 (2) MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141019_160656 (2)


Shot ribs, cut on the biases to give me a larger surface area, potatoes, onions, garlic and kale roasted with EVOO and Brussels Sprouts, sauté in EVOO then toasted in poppy seeds and sea salt. Served of course with my bread from earlier.

Learning about Kosher cuts of meat and ideas for preparing them has been a true learning experience, learning to create meals featuring meat without dairy. After the heartbreak, has been a full time job as well. Now, I think It important to mention, not all Torah observant Followers of  Y’Shua, only eat Kosher cuts of meat and/or avoid dairy. According to Scripture,  it indicates not to boil a calf in it’s Mother’s milk and other than giving us a distinction on clean and unclean animals, only mentions for us to not eat the fat, the blood or the static nerve of the animal. To me personally, I choose to not eat any meat from a “Clean” animal from it’s waist down and I choose to not have any dairy included in my meal when eating a mammal. Is my observance more Holy? No! As long as others are following the actual Words describing dietary protocols, they are more inline with the Scripture than me actually. I know other Hebrews that will not consume any dairy with any meat, including poultry. Beyond the actual Words/Scriptures everything else is just a person’s preference or tradition. Only the actual Scripture ultimately matters. Follow them and you will NOT go wrong.