My View Eastward

Eastward to Eden. My view on the creation story from a Gentile perspective regarding self correction. Cool thing is that the Story grows and reveals more and more as we seek to correct ourselves and find the Creator. You can see and hear yourself if you pay close attention.


Laziness Costs YOU!

Understand? The PRICE of being lazy is YOU. Your potential, Your Promise, Your Health, Your Life.  I didn’t move until I was over 45 years old. I did not eat well or live well. I was a glutton with my ears (gossip), my eyes (entertainment), my entitlement to relaxing, my mouth (in speaking words that I didn’t need to speak and eating foods I didn’t need to eat) all this to sooth and medicate myself. It was DEATH. Pitiful, Dark Death. SO, if I can move, transform and transcend, YOU CAN! Here is a speedy glimpse into my Early Morning, before my kids wake, my employees start, and I dress for the day. No TV, No Internet, (except during workout) No nonsense!

A Ribbon Cake Short Cut

Just thought I’d share a quick trick on half a tier cake using a single tip, and single upward piping motion to create quick, delicate ribbons out of vegan frosting (vegan earth balance butter) and fine (bone free) powered sugar. Yes, it’s a great deal of frosting, no one ever eats all the frosting…keep it fresh and delicious so they want to, but never expect them to 🙂

Kicking Kostly K-Kcups to the Kurb

I’ve had enough! $200 a month on K-cups for 2 people? $400 a year for new Machines…Shameful…Plastic pods EVERYWHERE…where to store them before you use them and where to recycle them. plastic, foil, oil…ugh!

What’s old is new again! The French Press…You’re Welcome, eat cake too! It’s life!