“Kosher” Kitchen still as Cozy Kitchen?

This was my first week of  being “Kosher” in my families meals. First it stated with me cleaning out my freezers of all the non-kosher foods I had. Then I studied and shopped for Torah friendly items, I was scare of the cost at first, however, it really cost me less than what I anticipated since I could buy two or three kosher cuts of beef at Costco.

Below is my first kosher meal. I had never made a meal without butter, and I personally chose not to do dairy with beef. Even though Biblically, it simply calls for calf not to be boiled in the mother’s milk. Here I have braise Beef short ribs, smashed red potatoes with hericot verts and sautéed mushrooms.


Next day I decided I would use butter since I was not serving beef. Here I made peach and tarragon compound butter. I just loved it!


Then, in, my first “official” Challah bread for Shabbat.

image image

This is morning, I put together “French” toast from the left over bread. My guys here loved it!image


So, my first week being mindful of YWHW’s (God’s) instruction on food according to the Torah (Not the Talmud) was actually a delight. I can honor the Father in my behavior, giving, service and tithing, but to honor Him with what I ate and what I fed my family gave me an even greater sense of connection to my Beloved Creator. Maybe my Kitchen became even cozier since YHWH, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit are free to visit with me without finding items that they may be offended by.


Shabbat Shalom





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