Eating Torah Clean

When my husband and I really started exploring our then”Christian” roots, we really hit the Scriptures hard and deep, within a month, we were convicted to eat Torah Clean. We started to really research where our food came from, especially our beef and poultry. I personally found it so challenging to find “clean” meat. I found that many times the animals we were eating may not have been treated as well as the Creator would have desired. This caused me to really cut back on buying beef, fish and poultry. I personally started to drop meat and dairy off my diet, my husband and kids still want to eat some Kosher meats and dairy. I’ve really had fun finding more plant based meal ideas. It just amazes me how people that start to explore who God truly is and how they can best honor Him, start to follow His dietary instructions and start really being concerned with healthy, wholesome, natural foods to feed His Temple.

Here is a post from today posted my other Blog that shows what our dinner plates tonight looked like.

Wonton cups with whipped vegetables, mandolin potatoes with Rosemary and Vidalia onions.

My husband’s plate has Lamb chops, (He’s a carnivore!) My plate stays VEGAN! (Because I’m sweet, gentle and SMART!) Humble as well 😉

lotus 3 120814_marked

lotus cup 120814_marked

lambchop lotus220814_marked

Wontons tucked into a muffin tin and then baked hold this filling of raw cauliflower, sweet onion, artichoke, spinach and nutritional yeast. I used the Vitamix “Blender” to cream these items together, the blender also heats the creamed veggies.




Mandolin potatoes with onions and rosemary, baked in my mini spring form tins (I LOVE THESE!)
Then rosette on top of the potatoes is simply the center of a Vidalia onion sliced on a #2 on my mandolin.

I just layered the potatoes with onions and rosemary until the tin was filled. I baked them at 375° for 40 minutes.




My blended vegetables gave me iron, protein and vitamin D all of the stuff a growing girl my age should have!


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