Two’s Day!


I shared on my other blog, yesterday my dilemma in buying Sweet Onions in bulk, then forgetting about them for over a month. So, I’m trying my best to work through them this week. Check out that other blog for a French Onion Soup recipe. Oh, yeah…I made a Roasted Onion and Garlic Flatbread with toasted kale.

Well, tonight, I’m still on this crazy mission to use up these onions. Here I have sliced three onions super thin using my mandolin. Then tossed them in a Ziploc with flour, sea salt, ground pepper and powdered garlic.

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_160108 (2)

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_160332 (2)

Fried them in my smallest countertop deep fryer.
MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_162309 (2)

I whipped up a creamy Sriracha sauce. Easy breezy…1 cup of Mayo, 3 Tbls of Sriracha, 1 1/2 Tsp of chili powder and 1/8 a Tip of cayenne pepper. Crazy heat! At least for the girl.

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_155027 (2)

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_155604 (3)

I then skillet fried some ground chuck burgers and topped them with the crispy haystack onions and topped them with a hearty dollop of Sriracha-Mayo sauce. Umhumm, that’s also a homemade onion bun. You know me and my daily yeast bread.

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_162032 (2)

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_163007 (2)

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_163251 (4)

I plated it all up, and served it to a happy man!

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_163537 (2)

Then, I thought to myself, “Self, what is a dessert to top big juicy burgers and onion rings?” Then it came to me! A classic diner style malted shake. Circa 1955! Look at these classic, old school pantry items I used to bring it all together. Just loved it!

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_174520 (2)

MOM-SURFACE - WIN_20141021_175146 (2)

Yeap, it was a good twosday!


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