Two-Na Pas-Ta Salad (how my baby would say “Tuna-Pasta”)

We absolutely love Tuna Pasta Salad, but aren’t pleased with using canned tuna. Here is a slightly more healthy and modern twist to the original canned tuna salad.

You know I LOVE Costco (And Costco Loves Me!) Here is another AMAZING find. Bumble Bee Tuna Steaks. All of these fabulous items are from Costco as well.

WIN_20141009_144801 (2)

I placed the tuna steak in room temperature water in a sauté pan, then on low, I slowly and gently heated the steak until all pink was gone. I let the steak cool, then gently shredded the tuna with a fork.

WIN_20141009_145524 (2)

I used a combination of onions, mayo, pickle relish, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Here I also sneak in one of my Homemade English Muffins I made this morning.

WIN_20141009_150438 (2)

Of course no two people agree on pickle relish in this house, so this batch has snappy sweet peas. (I liked this one best!)

WIN_20141009_151049 (2)

A few extra steps, a few higher quality ingredients really made a difference in this old classic.


Yeah, I’m in charge of the camera today. 😉


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