Take your kids to work day. EVERYDAY!

LifeSchooling at the Barelski Academy of Awesomeness!

Homeschooling is anything but “Home” most of the time in my family.

Pictured here are my youngest kids doing their Course work studies at my T.E.A.M. Center while I am seeing clients. I have a great, friendly little spot for them to work in.

We often open up this center as a resource for other homeschoolers we are friends with as well for group projects and activities.

While the children are here, they can also participate in some play therapy with my clients, they learn many skills by observing me and increase their vocabulary as they are exposed to my professional jargon.



There are so many great and rewarding benefits to homeschooling. It’s not easy, and you must be creative. Yet, It’s so worth it!


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